At Wilson-Thun we hereby have the pleasure of welcoming you to an unique collection of Tibetan Rugs. The source of inspiration for our design is coming from the Tibetan culture, old Buddhism books, wallpapers and not at least pictures taken on many journeys in Ladakh, Tibet and Nepal. And not only will you notice  s design quite unique - so is the quality. The roughs are produced from wool originated from sheep's, which lives around in the Tibetan highland . The climate here is in all possible ways extreme, with cold winters, snow and strong wind, which is exactly what, makes the fibres of the wool etremely strong and longlasting and saturated with Lanoline. Wool coming from the sheep's living in the Tibetan highland is without doubt amongst the best quality in the world and it is particularly suitable for luxurious rugs. The wool feels soft and has a beutiful gloss. At the same time the high level of Lanoline makes the rugs more bouncy, lasting, dirt-repelling and glossing compared to other types of rugs.


From wool to rug

Immedately after the shepherd has cut the sheep, the wool is sold. Carried typical of yak oxen across the mouintans of Himalaya to Nepal, where it is carefully washed in melt water and afterwards put for dry on the stones along the river benches. When the wool is dry, it is hard sorted in white, black and grey wool. Then transported to small settlements around Nepal, where it is being hand carded and hand dyed, and then to the small weaving mills in the valley of Kathmandu and other areas of Nepal. Here  the rugs are hand knotted by Tibetan weavers , who for hundreds of years have been specializing in hand knotting some of the finest and most durable rugs in the world.

All our hand knotted Tibetan Rugs are created with deep respect, passion and love. 

It takes several hundred hours to complete one single rug.

Before shipment all the rugs are hand washed and afterward they are dried in open air.


All our rugs are naturally labeled with  Goodweave and Care & Fair.