Moroccan Berber rugs.

At Wilson-Thun we are happy to introduce deep-pile wool rugs of the Moroccan Berber. They are hand knotted by women from the semi-nomadic tribes in the Atlas Mountains who have been hand weaving rugs in the same way for over one thousand years.

The weavers do not use predefined patterns, but work intuitively with geometric patterns and hence each weaver instinctively gives soul to each of the Berber designs.

Beside the Moroccan Berber rugs are believed to have a prophylactic effect against diseaseor evil eye at least the story goes.

Moroccan Berber Rugs are based on natural coloured wool from the white and black shheep. This causes natural variations in the final colours and a liveable surface of the rugs and in the end, this makes each of the Moroccan Berber rugs unque.

At Wilson-Thun we have the vision that The Moroccan Berber Rugs  can help us to give us a distant reminder to a life that demands more, than just perfectly designed interios. Inspired by old North African photos from the 1920's, Wilson-Thun offers a new collection of Berber Rugs.