Vintage Berber rugs.

Wilson-Thun has from our many trips in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco handpicked a collection of fine unique hand knotted vintage Berber rugs.

The collection consits of vintage pile rugs from Beni Quarain tribe in the Middle Atlas. The rugs are hand knotted of women in undyed wool with traditional simple diamond pattern, which means fertility in colors black, grey or brown. The base color of all Beni Quarain rugs are ivory colored white.The rugs have been used in their tents, therefore the measurement usually oblong.

The rugs from Azilal tribe from the High Atlas are also hand knotted in undyed wool, but the pile easier. The patterns are more amazing and abstract in their expression and colors in the patterns are some ties colorful and in cotton.

Our rugs are with ivory ground with brown or black designs.